Member Benefits

“Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself.”

John Dewey


As a member of DKG you are automatically a member of the appropriate geographic Forum. Each Forum has projects, professional communiques and, when appropriate, information about proposed legislation with ramifications for educators and children’s welfare. DKG is also a non-governmental organization member of the United Nations with consultative status with the Economic Social community. DKG has a long relationship with UNICEF and the Committee Teaching About the UN. DKG has been recognized by the Institute of International Education for its partnership with Fulbright grants in supporting World Fellowship recipients – non-member women outside of the United States and Canada, who against financial and cultural odds came to universities in the U.S. and Canada to pursue advance degrees. Over all, DKG at the international, state organization and chapter levels give approximately $3,000,000 a year in scholarships, grants and project support. The Society is a philanthropic force on the international scene. As a member you are a part of that philanthropy. You impact education worldwide!


Every DKG member is considered a leader – a woman who wants to make a difference. How you choose to lead is up to you but DKG offers support for that leadership in many ways:

  • through chapter and state organization opportunities;

  • international executive education seminars;

  • professional learning experiences during international conferences and conventions (continuing education units are offered at these events and at many state organization meetings.)

Seek leadership opportunities for personal and professional growth. They are there for you.


International conventions and conferences bring DKG members together from our 17 member countries and within our five geographic regions. Internationally known presenters, themed workshop sessions, marketplace vendors and exhibitors all gather to realize the Society mission to provide personal and professional development for members. Continuing education credits, tours within the host city/region, and networking of members create quality experiences.

International Conventions

Held in even years with 2,000 attendees, each convention is held in a different city in North America

International Conferences

Held in odd years with 200-800 attendees varied by region, there are three conferences in three cities in North America and Europe

State Organization Conventions

Held either annually or biennially, state organization conventions give members leadership development and personal and professional growth opportunities while providing interactions with fellow members of the state/province/country.

Special Group Events

Each Forum (Canadian, European, Latin American, and United States) offers meetings with an emphasis on cultural, social and political influences on educational issues. In addition, the U.S. Forum offers a semi annual Legislative Forum in Washington, D.C. A Latin American Conference is presented in odd numbered years.